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Lean Six Sigma Upgrade Green to Black Belt

English spoken training

This upgrade from Green Belt to Black Belt training is given by a Master Black Belt. It equips the Green Belts with all the necessary skills to function effectively as Black Belts.

As a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you have taken a step forward in your career as a process improvement specialist. Your training would have enabled you to apply the Lean Six Sigma methodology in practice in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of processes to better serve your customers. This upgrade Green to Black Belt training helps you take the next leap forward in your journey as a Lean Six Sigma practitioner.

Enriching your knowledge of Lean Six Sigma

During the 8 day course you will enrich your knowledge and expertise in the Lean Six Sigma methodology and learn to apply it further in your own organization. You will learn the skills needed to coach Green Belts in your organization through the challenges in their projects and guide them in using statistics effectively.

Lean Six Sigma in theory and practice

Change management is of great importance in successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma. The course will focus on how a company can be transformed into a data-driven organization embracing the culture of continuous improvement. You will learn to also apply the theory learnt during the course on real-life simulations of business processes. You will also receive some amount of coaching and guidance on your own improvement projects to realize

Target group upgrade Green Belt to Black Belt training

Participants of the upgrade Green to Black Belt training program, despite their diverse backgrounds, typically fall into 3 categories:

  • Department/Function Managers and/or Team Leaders
  • Progam managers who guide Green Belts
  • Consultants

The minimum prerequisite for this training program is a Green Belt Theory certificate. If you have not done the Green Belt training but would like to be directly trained as a Black Belt, then you can follow the all inclusive Black Belt training which takes you through the Green Belt modules as well.

Do you aim to lead process improvement and change projects, then this upgrade Green to Black Belt training is a promising and affordable step up to the Black Belt level. The upgrade is designed to fit in with our Green Belt program allowing you to spread your investment of cost and learning effort across time.

This upgrade Green to Black Belt training is also open to participants who may have done the Green Belt training with a different provider and have successfully executed at least one DMAIC project. Since there could be differences in the content and scope of the Green Belt curriculum across providers, we will arrange an intake with one of our trainers prior to the training to check the level of proficiency. The reason we do this is to avoid any expectation mismatches and ensure quality of training.

Coaching at your workplace

To get the most out of the program, we strongly recommend coaching by one of our (Master) Black Belts. The more you apply, the more you will learn. We are convinced that the theory of Lean Six Sigma takes root only if it applied, so we offer the possibility of coaching to enable learning by doing. Based on our own experience, we recommend a minimum of 1.5 days coaching for each project, the costs are € 1980, – (excl. VAT) if you order this along with the training. The 12 hrs can be spread across the duration of the project – our recommendation is 2 hrs per DMAIC phase and 2 hrs for the project as a whole.

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Curriculum for upgrade Green Belt to Black Belt

The program consists of the following modules:

Implementing LSS in your own organization

  • What is needed to implement LSS in the organisation?
  • How to define a change strategy?
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators?
  • What is a Management Information System?
  • What kind of Leadership is needed for LSS deployment?

Lean Thinking

  • What made the ‘Toyota Production System’ so successful?
  • The 5 principles of Lean – Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, Perfection
  • The A3 project approach
  • Lean techniques like Value Stream Mapping, Process Line Balancing, 5S
  • Lean in Services

Emphasis on statistics relevant at the Black Belt level

  • How to determine sample size?
  • The statistics behind the Gage R & R and the Kappa test
  • Non Normal Distributions (Binomial, Weilbull)
  • Deep dive into Hypothesis Testing (Chi Square & Non parametric tests)
  • Introduction Design of Experiment
  • Deep dive into Controls Charts (IMR, XbarR, XbarS)

Coaching Green Belts through the challenges in their projects

  • Coaching needs during the different phases
  • Considerations and pitfalls during the Analyse & Improve phases
  • How to anchor and sustain improvements in the organisation?

Exam preparation for the Black Belt exams

  • An end to end case across all the DMAIC phases
  • Real life datasets for practice with SigmaXL


The upgrade Green to Black Belt training allows you to get certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Certification is of two types:

Theory certification
The theory certificate shows that you have mastered the theory of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, at the level of an eight day world class Black Belt training. Our program curriculum is in line with the internationally recognized ‘Body of Knowledge’ of ASQ and IASSC keeping in mind the most practical applications of the theory.

The requirements are:

  • Completion of the training
  • Successful completion of an exam that tests understanding of the theory

The cost of the theory certificate is included in the course price.

Practical certification
The practice certificate is the jewel in the crown of your Black Belt training: it is an aptitude test, demonstrating that you have not only mastered the theory but also know how to apply it in practice. This is achieved by completing two Lean Six Sigma projects successfully, using the appropriate DMAIC tools and change management skills.

The requirements are:

  • Successful completion of the theory exam
  • Successful completion of two projects where Lean Six Sigma techniques have been applied. The projects will be reviewed by a (Master) Black Belt from UPD

The cost of the practice certificate is not included in the course price and amounts to € 495, – (excl. VAT).


The training costs € 4.995,- (excl. VAT)* per participant, inclusive of:

  • Study material
  • A real life simulation
  • Official Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Theory Certificate*

1,5 days coaching + Black Belt Practice Certificate for €1.980,- (excl. VAT);

To participate in the training and executing your project, it is imperative that you have a laptop with Microsoft Office Excel and SigmaXL. A lifetime license for SigmaXL is included the fee.

The minimum prerequisite for this training program is a Green Belt certificate. If you have not done the Green Belt training but would like to be directly trained as a Black Belt, then you can follow the all inclusive Black Belt training which takes you through the Green Belt modules as well.

* UPD is affiliated to the Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO). This means that all of our courses can be offered tax-free.

Customer reviews about this Lean Six Sigma Green to Black Belt training:

    Beoordeling: 8/10
    Het was echt een verdieping op de green belt. We waren helaas maar met 4, vandaar dat de opbouw van het lesprogramma niet goed uit de verf kwam. Je gaat vooral zelf aan de slag, waardoor je het al doende leert.
    Beoordeling: 10/10
    Een waardevolle toevoeging op de Greenbelt. De BlackBelt geeft veel meer verdieping en geeft mij ook meer handvatten om het geleerde in de praktijk toe te passen.
    Beoordeling: 9/10
    Very nice balance in soft skills vs hard skills vs personal development
    Beoordeling: 8/10
    Beoordeling: 8/10
    opleiding was goed geregeld, logistiek in orde, goede leraar
    Beoordeling: 8/10
    Marlies is the best trainer you can imagine, I really enjoyed learning from her, hearing her stories, as well as here knowledge level and willingness to share. In the beginning off the course we had a different training, not nearly as good and torough as Marlies. Otherwise, I would have given a 10.
    Beoordeling: 8/10
    Some pages in the training document in Dutch in the English version of it.
    Beoordeling: 9/10
    Nice contents and very interactive.
    Beoordeling: 10/10
    Really liked and enjoyed the training, the teacher Marlies was really helpful with all the insights she was able to give us and always made the content fun, that is something quite special 🙂 Thank you Marlies!
    Beoordeling: 8/10
    Story line was clear and explanation was also clear and according expectations.
    Beoordeling: 8/10
    Good content and trainer
    Beoordeling: 9/10
    Fijne manier om stof te doorleven met sprekende casussen. Ook fijn dat er meegedacht is in stuk hybride vorm van les krijgen zonder af te moeten haken ivm Corona maatregelen van bedrijf.
    Beoordeling: 9/10
    Leuke training die mooie combinatie vormde van een opfrissing uit eerdere trainingen en opleidingen icm nieuwe stof
    Beoordeling: 10/10
    Well prepared course
    Beoordeling: 9/10
    Well delivered and overcoming the challenges of distance learning due to Corona.
    Beoordeling: 8/10
    Very good the physical session, it's a pity part of it was on line, on line is less effective
    Beoordeling: 10/10
    Leerzaam, interactief, waardevol.
    Beoordeling: 9/10
    Interactive learning through real life examples, keeping you alert.

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